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Certified Pool Operator After successful completion of the course, the graduate will receive a certificate, suitable for framing. This includes a personal CPO registration number, which is permanently recorded by the Foundation. It states that the diploma was earned through the National Swimming Pool Foundation.

A CPO wallet card, with your personal CPO registration number, will be mailed with the certificate. Certified Pool Operator

+ Regulations, Codes, Liability
+ Swimming Pool and Spa Calculations
+ Filtration, Filters, Circulation
+ Water Chemistry
+ Water Testing, Analysis, Adjustments
+ Energy Conservation and Management
+ Chlorinators, Chemical Feeders, Pool Equipment and Instruments
+ Spas and Warm Water Pools
+ Disease and Accident Prevention
+ Management, Scheduling, and Personnel
+ Maintenance Techniques and Operational Problems
+ Care of Seasonal Pools
+ NSPF Certification Examination